Official Show Photographer Ramirez Creative

Official Show Photographer Ramirez Creative
• Over 25 years of design and marketing experience in the fitness industry
• Full time photographer and designer
• Published in fitness magazines such as Muscle Insider, Inside Fitness, Oxygen and other trade publications. Also, in mainstream publications such as Time/People magazine.
• Worked with major supplement/fitness companies in Canada and the US developing packaging and marketing material.
• Worked with BCABBA athletes in helping them with sponsorships and connections in the industry.
• Photographer with Muscle Insider in providing stage photos for their online gallery.
• Worked with companies such as IBM, Seagate Software, Crystal Decisions, RE/MAX, PVL, Mutant, Ripped Freak, PhD, Nutrabolics, Optimum Nutrition and many more.
• Proficient with emerging technologies and current marketing trends.
• Worked with over 300 Fitness competitors and IFBB Pro competitors.
• Always striving to improve and stay relevant.
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