Photo and Video Packages – Vancouver Island Showdown 2019

Corey discusses the Individual Posing  Walk Routine Videos – a first and the only show to offer this

Andrew discusses the Front Stage Photo Packages

Pre-Order Your Digital Download of Your Individual Walk On Stage

You’ve spent weeks, months, even years perfecting your walk, your routine, and your body! Visualizing that moment when you walk on stage and have your family and friends finally see all
the commitment and hard work.

Order your Individual Walk Video and have it sent to you within 24 hours or sooner for only $50.00 (Regular price $70)


Pre-Order Your Professional Stage Photo Package

Stage photos are priceless not only for keepsakes documenting all your hard work, but importantly, for judges’ critique, personal trainer
feedback, and self-critique.

Your professional stage photos will include your individual shots from both
pre-judging and final, as well as comparison shots alongside fellow
competitors so you can get the most
judge’s feedback.

Order your photo package now for only $100 (Regular price $120)

Rey Rey discusses the Video Packages
Andrew discusses the Judge Critiquing Videos

Pre-Order Your Digital Download Of The 2019 CPA Vancouver Island Showdown
(Open Regional Qualifier)

Relive the exciting times from the Complete Evening Show of the CPA Vancouver Island Showdown, with
all the classes from Bodybuilding, Classic
Physique, Physique, Figure, Fitness, Bikini and much more! Don’t miss out on this keepsake and precious

Order your show video now for only $50.00 (Regular price $70)


Pre-Order Your Judge Critiquing Video Now!

Hard work, determination, and sacrifice for the sport you love is not
built overnight. It is important to have feedback in our sport and to have
an expert official from the CPA critique your physique, your stance, and
your overall look! This will give you, your coach the information you need
to work on things and help you be a better version of yourself the next
time you walk on stage.

Order now for only $50.00

Because we like to have fun, here is our blooper real
“Photo & video packages can be purchased at the time of registration. However, if already registered and you’d like to add a package please email with your request and we will process the transaction manually”