Built on the foundation of integrity, progressiveness, honour, community and aggressiveness, Influential Sports Inc. has started to become one of the fitness industries most innovative brand builders. 

Influential Sports Inc. prides itself on building long lasting relationships. Each brand Influential Sports Inc. deals with is carefully picked to ensure their beliefs and mission align with Influential Sports. This also translates to each and every athlete that competes in our competitions. No person or brand is just a business transaction. We are all a team building a better community. 

Through brand consulting including social media, to show promotion, to building workout spaces for athletes who live and breathe the sport, offering educational seminars for our show athletes, to innovative technology product implementations, Influential Sports Inc. is bringing this time tested industry into the 21st century. 

Our grassroots approach to the industry starts from being athletes first and businessmen second. We’ve walked in the footsteps of the athletes that we service and know exactly what they are going through. This allows us to not only have a better understanding of what makes a good athlete experience, but rather it allows us to know what the standard in the market is and surpass it on all levels. Our commitment to innovation and change will lead the future as we revolutionize the industry in ways that have not been seen in the past. This is all being down with the intention of increasing value and the overall experience at all levels.

We work hard for our athletes, sponsors, and business partners. The connections that we make within the industry are the lifeblood of our success and we ensure that every detail is taken care of to the highest level. 

In connection with the Canadian Physique Alliance, NPC Worldwide, And the IFBB Pro League regional events, we’ve aligned ourselves with the best in the industry. This partnership ensures that our athletes receive the best treatment and consistent judging throughout all the ranks from a level 1 regional show to the IFBB Pro stage. No matter what your goal is as an athlete, we can help you achieve your dreams and put you in the best light possible to be successful.

Breaking Down Our Core Fundamental Beliefs

Integrity – All of our business dealings are done in a way that we hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standard of integrity. We not only do this through words, we do it with actions to surpass your expectations. 

Progressiveness – Pushing forward with a vision of the future is what we do! Always striving to bring new innovation and technology to the fitness industry as we evolve. Technology and markets move quickly and we are positioning ourselves to be market trendsetters within the space.

Honour – The bodybuilding and fitness industry is rich with tradition and as Canadians we’ve impacted the industry in a massive way as founders, builders, and athletes. We strive to no only embrace the history within Canada,  but showcase it in a public way to honour those that have helped us get to the point we are within the fitness industry in Canada. 

Community – We believe in supporting and working with the local community in which we do business. Every effort is made to use local labour, trades, vendors, and suppliers. Giving back to the community is important and we are always looking for additional ways to bring communities together in a positive way.

Aggressiveness – This is derived from our desire to continually push the boundaries of innovation. We’ll take the risks and chances to be first to market and invest in technologies that will drive our industry for a great future. If we won’t do it, who will?

The Canadian Fitness & Bodybuilding Landscape

Within Canada we know you have choice, a wide range of outlets to compete in a variety of shows and organizations. Each promoted by independent promoters that have a passion for the sport of bodybuilding. We believe that each show has a place within the market and a look that they are awarding as their desired look of choice. We believe in the Canadian Physique Alliance  and IFBB Pro League and their outlook for what the sport should be as they evaluate perfection each year in September at the Mr. Olympia contest in Las Vegas, NV. The overall winner of each category at the competition sets the stage for all the ranks below to follow suit as to what the judging criteria will be for the coming year. It’s important to note that the IFBB Pro League is aligned with the NPC worldwide and here in Canada is governed by the Canadian Physique Alliance (or CPA). Each member of the CPA belongs to an organization that is rich in history and one that has made many dreams possible. Without a governing body with the credibility such as the IFBB Pro League, we would not be able to stand here today and speak with great conviction that we are partners with the best organization in bodybuilding. 

The Canadian bodybuilding scene and competitions are at an all time high in terms of success. With shows being hosted in every province across Canada, the industry is in good shape to give athletes exactly what they want when they want it. Both open bodybuilding shows and natural bodybuilding shows can be found on multiple weekends throughout the year, coast to coast. United by the Canadian Physique Alliance, an athlete from anywhere in Canada can compete in any show across the country. 

What To Consider When Selecting A Show To Compete In

Here are a list of things you should consider when selecting a show to compete in with the Canadian Physique Alliance:

1. Event Date – This becomes incredibly important as you will need to plan out months in advance your show date so that you can govern your preparation for the show accordingly. By conducting research, you can find the show that best fits your lifestyle and other life commitments. You’ll also want to consider the timing and relationship to other events such as a IFBB Pro Qualifier if this is something you wish to consider competing in as you progress through the ranks.

2. Location – Selecting a location to compete is important on a number of levels as this will greatly impact the overall costs of competing and your enjoyment. Do you want to compete in front of your hometown with family and friends? Or would you like to compete at a destination and be able to be a tourist at the same time taking in the incredible locations that Canada has to offer? Tourist cities all across this country are now hosting show as we do in both Vancouver, BC and Victoria, BC. Not only will you have the time of your life onstage as the event, but you will have lifetime memories visiting the sights of these beautiful coastal communities. In Vancouver you have the oceans and the mountains all in one magical place. The city itself is extremely walk-able and the attractions are endless all seasons of the year. In Victoria, you get some of the best weather this country has to offer and some of the most beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean that you will see. Stay a couple extra days and get in some whale watching!

3. Reputation of the promoter – The promoter of the show can have a great impact on your overall enjoyment level of you being on stage. The organizer for the event can make your life so much easier if they are well organized, planned, and have everything in place for you once you arrive. Here at Influential Sports Inc. like to take it one step further to ensure that you have all your questions answered well in advance so that you have no surprises come show day. We are in constant contact with you throughout the process and are always available via email to answer any questions you might have. Additionally, we run a number of seminars throughout the year to better prepare you for the stage. Check out our Google Business Reviews to see what our athletes have to say about competing on one of our stages as well as sponsors and stage photographers. 

4. Media coverage and visibility – You’ve put in so much hard work and now its time that the world see it! That feeling you get when you go to Muscle Insider or other online media outlets to see pictures of yourself is a thrilling experience. Not all shows are created equal when it comes to media coverage and or the media provided at the event. The more support and buzz around the event will lead to more exposure and potential opportunities. The Canadian Physique Alliance is the leader in the sport at getting visibility for its athletes.