Intro to Fitness Competition Prep

If a fitness/physique competition is something you’ve been thinking about, sign-up for our free beginner’s competition prep webinar and makes your competition goals a reality.

Fitness/physique competitions require a certain level of physical and mental discipline.

We’ll go over the following topics

  • What Beginners Can Expect
  • 16 Weeks Prep Overview
  • 2023 Show Details
  • Interactive Q & A

Receive a FREE 16 Week Prep E-Book when you attend.
This event will be held on Zoom. Make sure to download the meet app if you’re planning to use your mobile device. You will receive an email with the meeting link once you RSVP.

Event Start: 6:00 PM PST


Everyone who attends our webinar will receive a FREE 16-Week Prep E-Book.

Ultimate E-Book Guide: Mental Preparation for Your First Bodybuilding Show

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