We created this guide to help prepare you for what to expect on show day. Regardless if you are a first-time competitor or a seasoned veteran, this guide will act as a solid reminder and bring to light the positive experience participating in a fitness competition. All you have to do is follow this guide and approach show day with a positive attitude and the ability to soak up all of the joys that come with the show experience.

Professional Conduct

Show day is game day! Today is your chance to show the world all the hard work and dedication you’ve put into your fitness prep for the past 16, 20, and 24 weeks. This is your chance to show off the positive progression you’ve made in the gym. With that being said, the microscope is on you today, and you can share your hard earn physique with the audience in the seats, the pay-per-view viewers worldwide and the media outlets in attendance.
Therefore, how you conduct yourself on and off the stage should reflect how you want the industry, potential sponsors, and your peers to view you.

On show day, you might not be feeling your best; hungry, exhausted, nervous, or anxious. Keep in mind that everyone is in the same position, and this is something you voluntarily signed up to be a part of. Treat each other with generosity, respect, support, kindness, and gratitude. Today is a celebration of hard work, so please have memorable experiences.

Access To Venues

Fitness and bodybuilding events bring along unique challenges in the organization and planning of events. Not only are we asking for access to venues for a large competitor/performer base but a sizable audience as well. These venues are difficult to find, and when we come across a good one, we’d like to keep them as a partner for years to come. The most significant pushback for most venues is athletes’ tanning and the potential for damages to come from it. Please treat the venue as if it’s your home and be aware that the tan on your body can and will come off on surfaces you touch. Here are some tips that will help us protect the venue and save you money in certain situations:

  • Wear a long sleeve shirt and pants after your base coat of tan has been applied anywhere at the venue. Being covered up will help protect seating, walls, and other pieces of furniture that can become damaged from the tan stains after you touch them. Note: You will not be able to enter the venue as an athlete unless you have long sleeves and pants on to watch the show, so please pack these items as the ushers will not let you into the venue
  • Cover the Toilet seats; you’ve worked hard to build those hamstrings and glutes. However, we don’t need to have an imprint of them left behind for the next person to see and the janitor to clean. So please cover the seat with toilet paper and a seat gasket, or avoid sitting if at all possible to prevent stains.
  • Clean up after yourself and take all of your belongings when leaving. The venue makes an exception for us regarding their “no outside food” policy, so please be respectful and don’t leave food and trash behind for their staff to clean up. Please treat the venue as if it’s your home.
  • If you are staying in a hotel, pack dark sheets, towels, blankets, and pillows. The hotel will charge you for any towels that are stained from your tan, so pack accordingly with your old sheets or cheap sheets from a store will save you money without having the hotel get upset about damaged items

Self Awareness & Gratitude

Not everyone in the show will win, and you may not place as you expect. The reality is that everyone in the show is the best of the best. You may not think it is fair; however, DO NOT LOSE YOUR COMPOSURE. You are always on from the moment you arrive at the venue till the time you leave the venue. If you want to be remembered positively by potential sponsors, peers, and the fitness industry, do not show even a hint of body language that you are disappointed. Be aware of your actions, and never stop smiling! What you are doing is something truly special, and only a fraction of 1% of the population ever get the privilege to step on stage as you just did. 

Competitions are marathons and not sprints. It can take years to achieve the expectations you are hoping to complete and it’s a small industry. The judges that evaluate you today will most likely be some of the same judges that will be here in the future judging you again, and they will not forget. Be professional, express gratitude, and be humble in your character. It’s not always the winner who gets the sponsorship, the photoshoot, or the interview. The person brings the best overall package and value that will rise to the top and shine.

Judged Sports Can Be Hard

Not only will the judges be evaluating your physical appearance, but others on social media, forums, and the media will also be doing so as well. Prepare yourself for the judgment that will come, and be open to the feedback to help you make positive steps forward. You are putting yourself out there and always remember not taking it personally.

Things To Bring To The Competition

  • Your Canadian Physique Alliance Membership 
    * You’ll need to provide this to compete
  • Your music for the DJ, if you have not already uploaded it directly to our software
  • Gym bag with long sleeve clothing and pants along with plenty of food
  • Resistance bands or weights
    * We will have a limited amount of these at the venue. Should you want something specific, please bring it with you to the venue
  • Towel
    * In case you sweat, you’ll want something to be able to dab yourself
  • Layers of clothing in case you get hot or cold you can adjust accordingly
  • Flip flops 
    * These are a pro tip so once you have your tan on you can walk around easily
  • Extra Razor in case you missed a spot
  • Handheld Mirror
    * So you can look at how beautiful you are
  • Extra sheets, towels, pillows, blankets if staying in a hotel
  • Women, a pee funnel or solo cup to avoid water marks from getting on your thighs and impacting your tan

Things Not To Bring To The Competition

  • Professional Camera Equipment
  • Professional Video Equipment
  • Spray Tanning Equipment
  • Unsanctioned professional tanners to the host hotel or venue
  • Unsanctioned professional make-up artist

**Violations will result in disqualification from the event

Plan Out Your Day

It’s going to be an early start and you want to plan for success to ensure you check in with your trainer, eat & drink accordingly, get your final coat of tan on, and arrive at the venue on time. Every year we see people that don’t plan accordingly and arrive late to the venue, are not prepared, and/or miss their class due to poor planning. Show days are typically on Saturday or Sunday, these are days that construction road closures can happen and lead to massive congestions on detour routes, plan accordingly and allow for plenty of time to get to and from all your obligations on show day to reduce stress. Here is a general guideline of how a typical show format will look and where to get the information.

  • Early AM
    * Final Tan will be placed on your body typically at the host hotel or the venue. The official tanning company will have emailed you the time and place of this tanning appointment so you can plan accordingly
  • Early AM
    * Hair & Makeup For Women – Most often than not, the hair and makeup provider is the same person as the tanning company so check in with the receptionist from their company to ensure you also have the time of your appointment
  • Arriving At The Venue For The Start Of The Show
    * If you arrive at the venue for the start of the show regardless of what class you are in will ensure that you do not miss your class. There are so many factors that go into play that change the length of your show and it’s impossible for anyone to give you a specific time you’ll be on stage. Once you arrive at the venue look to see the show order and get familiar with the flow of the show. Take pictures of the athlete lists backstage so you can follow along with the show and know when your class is about to start. We utilize the muscleware app to send push notifications to all athletes as to the flow of the show and when you will need to be in the backstage area. Make sure you have this app downloaded to your phone, subscribe to the show, and have your notifications turned on so you are up to date on all the information that you’ll need
  • Get backstage early and start to prepare
    * You don’t want to rush and be stressed, arrive early, eat your food accordingly and pump up at a nice slow pace
  • Listen
    * When you are backstage you want to listen intently for your number. The staff of the show will call you by your number so make sure that you memorize it so when it’s time to be called up you can be found. This is a very simple but important tip..  Your number is your calling!!
  • Make sure you are done with all your classes and activities before leaving the venue. Double check with a staff member backstage that you are complete before leaving as we wouldn’t want you to miss out on a portion of your experience.
  • Celebrate, Mingle, and have Fun! Once the show is over it’s truly the time to celebrate and connect with people. Years later you won’t remember the stage and placement, but rather the experiences you have, the people you met, and the relationships are what will last forever. Take time to live in the moment and soak up all that the event has to offer you. Now you know what to expect on show day well in advanced.