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I participated as an athlete at the Vancity show down. It was my first time competing and I had an amazing experience. Staff was amazing and everyone made me feel so comfortable. What a well put together show. I look forward to watching the Vancity showdown this new year and for many years to come. This show will always have a special spot in my heart!Sara FergusonJanuary 18, 2024
Really well run show. Adequate equipment to pump up w backstage. Conveniently located. Great venue w superb lighting. Good job guys.Dan MurphyOctober 12, 2023
amzing show amazing staff everyone and everything is amazing! Had a great experience in Vancityshowdown! Love it!Martin LinOctober 8, 2023
I competed this past weekend at the west coast vancity showdown and I had such an amazing experience. This was my first western competition and also my first time chilling back stage in between shows and I had the best time meeting new people. Looking forward to attend the next event. Thank you for the great experienceCarole Anne TritesOctober 8, 2023
I recently had the incredible opportunity to compete in my very first bodybuilding show, and I can confidently say that the 2023 Van City Showdown was an unforgettable experience. From start to finish, this event exceeded all my expectations, and I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to the world of competitive bodybuilding.Marcus HaOctober 8, 2023
Competed in my first classic physique show and it changed my life truly an amazing experience and i cant wait to step on the stage again in the vancity showdown 2024 ❤️Dejan KOctober 7, 2023
I was watching the vancity showdown through Instagram due to busyness to attend. To be able to catch all the highlights in a timely manner allowed me to experienced how it went. Thanks for being so on top of the social media updates and posts.Vince YuenOctober 7, 2023
Great show put on by them last weekend vancity showdown one of the best shows of the year everyone waits for ,great management,great venue would recommend everyone who wants to do a bodybuilding showPrabh simran HothiOctober 7, 2023
Great first show experience! The staff we're all super friendly,helpful, and supportive. The event was very well organized. The venue was lovely and had all the amenities.Cheryl GrayOctober 7, 2023
I had such a great time at this venue competing! I’ve been to provincials in Toronto, as well as a few other regional shows and the Natural Van City Showdown was by far my favourite. The people were so helpful and nice, the organization of it was well played out and things ran smoothly, and the treats were awesome! It was great to meet some new fitness friends as well! - MariaLifestyle Living with MOctober 7, 2023
This was my first time competing and Influencial Sports did an amazing job. They are extremely organized and their team is incredibly friendly and helpful. I felt welcome all weekend long, they made sure I knew where I needed to be at all times and the show itself was well run. Highly recommended!Alex RugoloOctober 7, 2023
Put on a great show, behind the scenes for their athletes. Loved every moment competing this past weekend. I will be back. Thank you Corey!Morgan VeaseyOctober 7, 2023
Golden Prairie Cup was one of the best shows I’ve been to, and as a first time competitor, it was run so well, all of the hosts and volunteers were so kind and genuine. Highly recommend for novice and veteran competitors!Arika LeeOctober 7, 2023
I had the privilege of attending the recent bodybuilding show, and I must say it was a remarkable experience. The event showcased the epitome of human strength, dedication, and sheer determination.kirill kisselevOctober 7, 2023
I got bikini overall champion last week。Vancity showdown is such a great show!We are all winners!Just keep moving forward,life is a long way,never give up!Elizabeth YiOctober 7, 2023
As a first time competitor I had a great experience at the Vancity Showdown. The show was well organized and planned. They made sure the athletes knew where to be which helped me as a newcomer, working with Cass and Corey was just awesome and all the competitors were so supportive. Would definitely do it again👏Darlene LuongOctober 7, 2023
Amazing show, very organized, staff and volunteers did wonderful! Thank you sooo muchMary Grace BautistaOctober 7, 2023
Such a fun show! So happy to have competed in it for the second time this year. Always so well run and the whole experience was just a blast 🙂Ffion GladwinOctober 7, 2023
My first bodybuilding competition was the Vancity west coast iron Showdown and it was such a well run event. I really enjoyed how organized everything was and how they made my first competition experience so much fun!Eric StarkOctober 7, 2023
Competed in my first show this past week at the Vancity Showdown and I had an incredible experience! The promotors, venue, sponsors, and everyone involved made the show an absolute dream. What a great first experience and I hope I get to compete in another one of their shows!Samantha SullivanOctober 7, 2023
If you want the best competition experience, then you NEED to take part in any show put on by Influential Sports! From the venue where EVERYTHING is under one roof, perfect stage and lighting setup, every single one of the amazing volunteers, and all the innovative technology and competitor support and benefits that come with other show experience I've ever had comes even close. Thank you for everything you do for this sport and all the athletes!Jon RaineyOctober 7, 2023
As a first time competitor, this was such an amazing experience. Everybody was so nice and supportive and the venue was beautiful!Haylee PinardOctober 7, 2023
It's was really nice competition The organization was awesomeMahmoud AlfakhouryOctober 6, 2023
Very well organized and professional. Great experience overall for first time and seasoned competitors.Amanda SoggeOctober 6, 2023
VanCity was one of the best shows I have ever competed in! Very organized and welcoming! Highly recommend !!Rachel SpirigOctober 6, 2023
Thank you for organizing such amazing and meaningful event! I was so glad that I made it on the stage and met many awesome friends!Karen COctober 6, 2023
I competed for the first time at the 2023 VanCity showdown. It was by far one of the best experiences of mg life. Very well run, amazing people and all around a great time. Even for family that has no interest in bodybuilding, they loved it!!! Thank you for the amazing memories. I will definitely be back!!!Christine GreenOctober 6, 2023
At van city showdown 2023, I attended as an athlete for the first time. The event staff were gracious and knowledgeable, they communicated clearly and managed to make the experience smoother than I imagined possible. My wife attended as a spectator, and though she is not a fitness enthusiast, the variety of vendors in attendance gave her plenty to get excited about, from food, to apparel, there were plenty of items that grabbed her interest. Overall we both had a blast and will be returning in the future. The atmosphere was upbeat and welcoming to athletes, supporters, and spectators. It's clear that the community that has grown around the event is focused on building each other up. We left feeling great and plan to bring more friends and family next year. Keep up the great work!Baron BacksOctober 6, 2023
I had an amazing experience at the Vancity Showdown. Influential sports ran a seamless event with a lot of cool features such as facial recognition for pictures so you instantly got backstage pics sent to you. Everything was on point and I loved the show so much!!Jessica FranklinOctober 6, 2023
I did my very first bodybuilding show in 2022 and this year 2023 with them, both of the experiences are such a pleasure. Everyone in the team are so supportive, cheering and gave us a great welcomed inclusive vibe. Shout out to every volunteers on show day, all the staffs, you guys are absolutely amazing! Backstage instructions are clear and appreciate the 20mins heads up notice, it’s all about those small details, if you’re choosing your first bodybuilding shows these guys are the one! They know their stuffs.Kate ZoOctober 6, 2023
Made my first show experience so smooth, and unforgettable. Staff was really helpful, and organized. Venue also looked amazingMiguel OrtineroOctober 6, 2023
VERY WELL ORGANIZED EVENT! 🤩 Oct-01 was the day of my first competition ever - couldn’t have chosen any other event organizer other than Influentialsports! Me and my felt welcomed and safe all weekend long! The crew was always friendly, available for a chat, open for feedback and super clean and organized. They treated everyone with respect incl. furniture and the venue itself. Very impressed, definitely recommend first time competitions especially to have influentialsports organize your first show - it eases your nerves A LOT! 💪🏼🔥Lisa-Marie BuchholzOctober 6, 2023
This was my first show and it was amazing! The venue was beautiful, it felt like it ran smoothly and as a competitor who needed to do a very quick change and get on stage right away after competing in 2 categories that are back to back of each other, they were very accommodating and made sure to stall the show a minute so I could quickly change and get back into the next category. Would definitely recommend especially as a first show!Anna CarterOctober 6, 2023
I Had a great experience with Influential sports team, They are very supportive and caring to every single athlete.Rohan AroraOctober 6, 2023
Really professional organization, highly recommendPeter NguyenOctober 6, 2023
Thanks for hosting an amazing show this past weekend ! It was my first show and very overwhelming and the seamless production and clear communication made it a very positive experience … everyone was approachable and quick to support and answer questions ! Highly recommend! See you on the stage next year !Jamie HollandOctober 5, 2023
This past weekend was my first ever time competing in a bodybuilding show, and I could not have had a better time! The entire team put on an incredible weekend at the Vancouver Open and Natural Show - I felt welcome and supported all the way through. Thank you for such an amazing experience!Sasja ChomosOctober 5, 2023
I have been competing since 2017. This was by far the best experience I’ve had with competing due to its organization and well-ran production. It’s evident that this show was well thought out and planned perfectly. This helped many athletes stay updated with minimal to no stress on when it was time to prep for their category, carb up and pump up. Above all, the promoters and volunteers have done an excellent job with supporting athletes to the best of their abilities, reassuring that their experience was one to remember. I genuinely want to thank everyone that made this day special to me and I have nothing but AMAZING things to say about influential sports as well as the guys at West Coast Iron for running a successful weekend!Chester Dion BalbaOctober 5, 2023
Could not have picked a better show to be apart of for my first one!! Such an incredible experience and really well put on! Reasonable time frame for all categories and was done at a good time in the evening!!Karen O'ConnellOctober 5, 2023
My favorite event to attend to. Influential sport crew always does an amazing job organizing the shows. Looking forward to see you guys next year.Simone WangOctober 5, 2023
This was my first bodybuilding show I competed in and I’ve never felt more welcome and supported at any other sporting event! The staff were amazing, extremely helpful and made sure me and my fellow athletes had everything we needed. If anyone is thinking of competing for the first time I’d recommend making the Van city showdown be your first event!Liam HarderOctober 5, 2023
This past weekend was my first time competing in a bodybuilding show. The show was smooth like silk which made it an unforgettable experience for me. I will recommend Influential Sports to anyone who wants a successful event.It's Nass FitnessOctober 4, 2023
My experience with Vancity showdown was amazing! Everything about the show ran so smoothly.Andrea ChanOctober 4, 2023
The show was great! I was there all day for the Naturals Oct 1st. I liked the variety of venues (got myself a Carbie tee and snacks).Lucia BacksOctober 4, 2023
Vancity showdown 2023 was hands-down. The best amateur run show that I’ve been to yet in my 16 years putting people on stage. Every detail was attended to, and the athletes were made to feel valued and their hard work recognized. Can’t say enough about the show, promoters, the volunteers, the make up artists and tanning, photography, the sponsors, the music and the venue! Highly recommend for 2024Allison DawsonOctober 4, 2023
As a veteran in the bodybuilding industry I must say influential sports runs the smoothes shows in North America. It shows there out for the athletes and not for themselves.marc marleauOctober 4, 2023
Vancity naturals (and open) was a Stellar experience last weekend. I competed in the natural event Sunday but came to check in with all the athletes Friday. The venue was top notch, the checkin process was smooth and organized; everyone was super friendly and helpful. I especially loved how the whole weekend everything was not just on time, but on the ball. People knew what was going on and where, if they didn’t, they were happy to find someone who did. From the athlete’s perspective; it was clean, well thought out and as a woman, I loved that we didn’t feel rushed on stage to make up time (as can sometimes happen at shows when running behind). The judges, the commentators, the stage hands and volunteers were all SO kind and helpful. Special shout-out to Ryan backstage who helped get some last min water and kept it on hand for athletes (myself included) + just had a great vibe! My husband was in the audience & we agree the vendors were great and the stage/production was on point. Would definitely recommend this show and huge THANK YOU to the whole event staff and beyond for an excellent production/experience.Sarah Jessica TaylorOctober 4, 2023
Best bodybuilding, health and fitness shows in Canada!Christina DangJuly 25, 2023
The show ran like a well oiled machine given the circumstances. All the people running the show were fantastic and accommodating 😊Alyssa TorresOctober 12, 2020
One of the most innovative companies when it comes to the fitness industry, always striving to bring new things to the table. I have always been impressed with their professionalism as well as how prompt they have always been to help our athletes. Would highly recommend attending or competing in one of there shows!Andrew KerstenDecember 16, 2019

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