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COVID-19 Nutrition Edition: What can we learn from this?

COVID-19 Nutrition Edition | Influential Sports Inc

COVID-19 Nutrition Edition: Planning ahead for success. How motivated are you still during this time? Do you have fitness goals in mind? Planning is a huge component of any goal, which when we reach our goals, we call it “success”. But also with this, comes another component called “motivation”. Motivation is not something we always […]

Why Chinese Men & Women are Becoming Addicted to Body-Building

Why Chinese Men & Women are turning to body-building | Vancity Showdown Jiashu Zhou

At Influential Sports we define the term bodybuilding as “body-building” – anyone that wants to build their body is a bodybuilder. The ones, who love bodybuilding, perform progressive resistance exercises; mainly focus on the external image of their bodies. Not only for the outlook that bodybuilding gives, but also the feeling of setting fitness goals […]

Fitness Show Contest Prep and Staying Focused at This Time

Fitness Show | Canadian Physique Alliance | Greg Cleaver | CPA Bikini

Fitness Show Contest Prep During the COVID-19 Pandemic You have been dieting for weeks, and some, months on end. You have registered for your show, spent time and money and basically devoting most of the last few months of your life to ultimately reaching one goal, and that’s hitting the stage on show day! We […]

IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson Posing Seminar Review

IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson | Canadian Physique Alliance | Influential Sports Inc

IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson: On February 8th, 2020 one of the Pacific Northwest’s most accomplished athletes and posing coaches embarked on Victoria, BC for a once in a lifetime posing clinic for current and future Canadian Physique Alliance Athletes. IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson and her husband Dr. Bridgeman make their living in the fitness industry […]