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IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson: On February 8th, 2020 one of the Pacific Northwest’s most accomplished athletes and posing coaches embarked on Victoria, BC for a once in a lifetime posing clinic for current and future Canadian Physique Alliance Athletes. IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson and her husband Dr. Bridgeman make their living in the fitness industry and have been doing so for over a decade. The power couple often holds posing seminars. clinics, and promotes their own shows under the NPC banner in the state of Washington. 

The seminar started off with introductions from Influential Sports Inc. owner Corey Swiergosz as he addressed all the attendees with gratitude for their attendance and set out the agenda for the day. With many first time competitors in attendance, an overview of the Vancouver Island Showdown was discussed to make athletes comfortable with the process leading into the June 27th, 2020 show date. Corey took additional time to go over all of the changes for this year’s event as it’s poised to be bigger and better with the announcement of a venue change to Pearkes Field House located at Tillicum Centre. All aspects of the event from how to register for the Vancouver Island Showdown, booking services, host hotel, and special tips about the venue and stage set up were discussed in detail so the athletes have a better understanding of what’s to come in the following months. This followed with a Questions & Answer sessions in which everyone wanted to know “Who will be the guest poser at this event”? Without giving too much away, the Influential Sports Inc team didn’t release this information yet simply stating that it will be the biggest and most exciting special guest in their entire 5 year history of event promotion. Quoting co-promoter Andrew Kersten “We aren’t able to announce it yet, however you’ll be really excited to hear who we are bringing to this year’s show”. With much anticipation for the event this year, everyone in attendance loved the knowledge that they gained.

IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson Posing Seminar Victoria BC Canadian Physique Alliance, CPA, NPC, Vancouver Island Showdown
Co-Promoter Corey Swiergosz, Co-Promoter Andrew Kersten, IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson, Dr. Bridgeman

Special guest Dr. Bridgeman came to the centre to give a talk in Hip Health and mobility as it relates to posing. He ran the ladies through a number of different movements to teach them the different ways to move, flex, and rotate to be able to present their physique in the best light possible. These exercises can be used as a method of training throughout contest prep to allow you to increase your range of motion and condition yourself to be able to hold the poses longer without getting tired as quickly. 

Coming from a military background, IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson Bridgeman empowered the women with her great personality and knowledgeable teaching techniques of women’s bikini, women’s figure, and the new women’s wellness division. The Canadian Physique Alliance (CPA) introduced the wellness category this year and Tanji explained that this is the only class that they are not looking for perfect symmetry in the upper and lower body. She stated that they are looking for a toned upper body with a much more developed lower body in the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. 

Dr Brandon Bridgeman and IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson speaking during the posing seminar in Victoria, BC. Canadian Physique Alliance
Dr. Brandon Bridgeman andIFBB Pro Tanji Johnson speaking to the ladies that attended the posing seminar in Victoria, BC

The posing portion of the afternoon took place for over 2 hours leaving all of the women extremely exhausted from all the posing that they had been doing. Each participant was directed to do all of the poses for each category regardless of  the class they intended to compete in. This allowed them to take great knowledge from the other classes and use this to better pose in their desired class. As one of the Pacific Northwest’s most accomplished athletes, IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson is an 11 time IFBB Pro Show winner with her great accomplishment being the winner of the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio. 

From all accounts the posing seminar was an incredible success for everyone in attendance. Everyone left with personal takeaways that will better themselves during their posing and on stage at the Vancouver Island Showdown. Here are a couple of the comments from ladies that attended:

“Great info seminar. Took away some golden nuggets. I learned so much in this seminar than I did at my last 2 competitions” Glennis C -Victoria BC

“IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson was a phenomenal teacher!! I like her teaching style!” Karen J – Victoria BC

IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson speaking at the posing seminar
IFBB Pro Tanji Johnson motivating the girls at the posing seminar in Victoria, BC

This seminar is in support of the Vancouver Island Showdown which is set to take place on June 27th, 2020 at Pearkes Fieldhouse in Victoria, BC. This is the 3rd annual event taking place which is governed by the Canadian Physique Alliance. As a regional level 1 show, this is the starting point for athletes looking to compete in a Pro Qualify such as the Vancouver Pro Show or the Toronto Pro Show in hope of achieving an IFBB Pro card. All athletes that dream about making it onto the Mr. Olympia stage starts at a show such as this at the regional level of the Canadian Physique Alliance or the NPC.

On April 4th, in partnership with Influential Sports Inc. a men’s focused seminar with IFBB Pro Richy Chan will be held at Club Phoenix in Langford, BC. This is the second posing seminar put on in preparation for the 2020 Vancouver Island Showdown. Richy will be covering men’s physique, Men’s Classic Physique, and Men’s bodybuilding poses and the difference in the classes. Richy is a seasoned athlete that competed at all 3 levels and won his IFBB Pro Card. His dedication to the sport and longevity is extremely important as an ambassador to the sport of bodybuilding. As an owner of westcoast iron, cutting edge nutrition, and maxximus supplements, he’s spent the better part of 20 years in the industry with a focus on improving the lives of others around him.

The announcement of a 3rd seminar was also released by Andrew Kersten that will be held in Nanaimo, BC at a later date. This will be the 2nd year in a row that the team of Andrew & Corey travel to Nanaimo to speak to athletes and inform them on all things related to the Vancouver Island Showdown.

Influential Sports Inc is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals through athletic accomplishment by providing outlets and platforms for athletes to get recognized and showcased. With the use of technology and innovations, it’s our mission to always be revolutionizing the industry and moving it forward.

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