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August 9, 2021

Promoters Corner featuring Mindi Obrien

Promoters Corner featuring Mindi Obrien

Mindi O’Brien is a world-class athlete, fitness coach, wellness expert, and a champion of health and lifestyle improvement. Mindi is the promoter of two Bodybuilding Competitions in the Niagara Region.

Hosting a show during a pandemic resulted in many challenges but Mindi shared her experience and her fears of how the show would turn out. Mindi had to reschedule her show 3 times and is hosting the first show this year on the East Coast.

We chat about the differences in hosting a show the past year in comparison to pre-covid times. COVID-19 has changed how people exercise, but that doesn’t mean gyms are going away and the fitness competition industry is growing. We are continuing to put out top athletes in both the regional and professional ranks from Canada.

We also discuss Mindi’s experience as a personal trainer for women and also a successful competitor in multiple classes.