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January 5, 2021

Why saying yes is the best thing you can do with Aleks Paunovic

Why saying yes is the best thing you can do with Aleks Paunovic

In this episode we chat with Melissa Cech who took her personal pursuit of health and fitness and took the leap of faith and took on a full time position and business owner.

After a casual conversation with a few other girls in the gym change room about the upcoming Vancouver Island showdown, Melissa felt compelled to just Go For It. Never wanting to compete or step on stage before, Melissa embraced the new challenge. 

A natural competitor at heart, she thought this would be a good opportunity to create some exposure for her personal training side hustle at the time. And she was right, after winning the overall title everything for Melissa’s life rapidly changed just a short 4 months later, winning her IFBB Pro card internationally at the Latin America Championships.   

Doing well in a show helped give Melissa exposure and credibility to be able to go into Personal Training full-time.

In the middle of Mel’s prep for her Pro Card, she made the decision to quit her day job and pursue her personal training business full time. Join us as we talk about her experience, the ups and downs, the personal struggles and emotions during this pivoting career decision.