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February 9, 2021

How to Make Positive Shifts in your life featuring Milena Canta

How to Make Positive Shifts in your life featuring Milena Canta

Milena Canta talks to us about the power of being present. – Milena has over 23 years of dance experience. She is also a life coach and has dedicated her career to bringing quality dance instruction and athletic training to all of her students near and far with a strong sense of moral values. She is a Transformation and Leadership Coach, voted the 2020 Young Professional of the Year award for her coaching and resiliency in business. She offers holistic services to ensure lifelong change for individuals and organizations. 

We chat with her and how she works one-on-one with entrepreneurs to help them reconnect with their purpose so they can have confidence to pursue their dream life without fear. She has worked with various public, private and non-profit organizations and also works with children and youth at her company @velamovement – a community committed to leadership and creative expression for all.

Milena has been a Coach and Educator for over 10 years and learned early in life that you can’t win if you’re fighting the truth and ignoring your inner calling. Dwelling in our shadow selves and playing small, we are foolishly led to believe that “this is as good as life gets”. It is her coaching commitment that her clients connect with their confidence and discover that anything is possible in life. All it takes is the courage and guidance to go beyond what you currently see is possible… 

What if she promised that your life could be more than you can imagine? Would you believe her?