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The Physique Business Podcast Press release | influential sports inc

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Physique Business Podcast:

January 11th, 2020:  —  Influential Sports, fitness events & media company in Vancouver, BC has launched a new podcast, the Physique Business Podcast, a podcast about making money in the fitness industry and focuses on advice and interviews from people that live and breath the industry. This is geared toward anyone that wants to take their passion for fitness and turn it into a full time profitable career. If you’ve devoted your life to fitness and now plan to make a living by sharing your knowledge and experience with the world, then this podcast is for you. We’ll be bringing together vast amounts of practical advice from successful fitness entrepreneurs – people who are where YOU want to be – and we’ll boil that information down to the essentials – information you can use immediately to turn your fitness passion into money in the bank.

Corey is a rounded fitness entrepreneur from Canada who developed a passion for fitness early in life. He started out at the bottom as a demo rep and worked my way up to become a national sales rep for a major sports supplement manufacturer. As a business owner Corey has worked with every segment of the fitness industry from small-town gyms to large national chains, and has traveled across Canada and the US promoting sports supplements. This show is not about dieting or training, this podcast will focus on making money in the fitness industry. Get ready for exclusive fitness industry insights like ACTUAL financial numbers, career tips, interviews with IFBB Pros, former athletes and fitness entrepreneurs!

Corey says, “Launching this podcast brought me back to the first time I stepped on stage as a fitness competitor, all the same emotions of putting myself out there for the world to see and being vulnerable crossed my mind however the emotion of it all took over and just put it out for the world to see. The product we’ve launched with is something I’m extremely proud of and can’t wait for you all to come along for the journey.”

Every year, thousands of people consider starting a career in fitness and health. But most have no idea how to make their dream a reality yet alone a PROFITABLE career. 💰⁠⠀


Our mission is to help connect, educate and empower people who want to thrive in the physique business.⁠⠀


We discover the truth about making money in the fitness industry or how the industry paved a foundation for a successful career.

To listen to the podcast, visit or listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


Corey Swiergosz

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